JLab Tech Notes for 2005

Precision Phase Noise Measurements Using The Agilent 89410A Vector Signal Analyzer
JLAB-TN-05-001 Word   PDF  
Tomasz Plawski, Curt Hovater

Thermal Testing of Two HOM Feedthrough Designs for SNS and Renascence Cryomodules
JLAB-TN-05-002 Word   PDF  
T. M. Rothgeb, P. E., L. Phillips

Preliminary Design for the Recirculated Injector of CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade
JLAB-TN-05-003 Word   PDF  
Yu-Chiu Chao

Improved Optimization of North Linac Momentum Profile for CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade
JLAB-TN-05-004 Word   PDF  
Yu-Chiu Chao

Design of Vertical Separation Schemes for the CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade Extraction Lines
JLAB-TN-05-005 Word   PDF  
Yu-Chiu Chao

Worksheet for Measuring the Location of the Gun2 and Gun3 Solenoid and Correction Magnets
JLAB-TN-05-006 Word   PDF  
Joe Grames, Danny Machie

FEL UV Beam line for HKS Target Tests
JLAB-TN-05-007 Abstract   Word   PDF  
Lukas Osborne, Jim Boyce, David Douglas

Magnet sign conventions and shunts configuration
JLAB-TN-05-008 PDF  
Yves Roblin

SRF Cavity Cell Geometry Options for the CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade
JLAB-TN-05-009 Word   PDF  
Charlie Reece

Operational Fade Study for TLD-760
JLAB-TN-05-010 PDF  
Erik Abkemeier

On the measurement of induced radioactivity and suggested criteria for release of activated materials
JLAB-TN-05-011 PDF  
Geoffrey Stapleton
RCG Note 90-001

On the use of Geiger-Muller radiation detectors in with pulsed beams
JLAB-TN-05-012 PDF  
Geoffrey Stapleton
RCG Note 90-002

Activation of the beam dumps in the FET
JLAB-TN-05-013 PDF  
Geoffrey Stapleton
RCG Note 90-003

Standardization for radiation monitoring equipment
JLAB-TN-05-014 PDF  
Bob May
RCG Note 91-004

Radiation Monitor Requirements for the CEBAF Experimental Area
JLAB-TN-05-015 PDF  
Geoffrey Stapleton
RCG Note 91-005

Statistical evaluation of CEBAF ground water analysis of samples collected September 1989 - March 1991
JLAB-TN-05-016 PDF  
R. May, C. Wells
RCG Note 91-006

Evaluation of ground water analyses for samples collected from September 1989 to March 1992
JLAB-TN-05-017 PDF  
C. Wells
RCG Note 92-009

Establishment of smear counting method for the HT1000
JLAB-TN-05-018 PDF  
C. Wells
RCG Note 92-011

Accidental radiation exposure
JLAB-TN-05-019 PDF  
R. May
RCG Note 93-012

Requirements for 100 keV Injector
JLAB-TN-05-020 PDF  
Scott Schwahn, Keith Welch
RCG Note 93-013

Radiation Control Group Note 94-14
JLAB-TN-05-021 PDF  
Bob May
RCG Note 94-014

Dose rate around C Stub Shielding Wall
JLAB-TN-05-022 PDF  
Scott Schwahn, Bob May
RCG Note 93-015

Summary of ground water sample results September 1989 to March 1993
JLAB-TN-05-023 PDF  
C. Wells
RCG Note 93-016

Characterization of the Eberline 1000B Multiple Source Gamma Calibrator and the Model 773 Instrument Calibrator
JLAB-TN-05-024 PDF  
C. Wells, D. Dotson, L. Burd
RCG Note 93-017

Dose rates in occupied areas behind shielding walls in Hall A, B, and C transfer tunnels
JLAB-TN-05-025 PDF  
Scott Schwahn
RCG Note 94-01

Beam loss considerations
JLAB-TN-05-026 PDF  
Bob May, Geoff Stapleton
RCG Note 94-02

Air activation from end station C operation with continuous ventilation and no He bag
JLAB-TN-05-027 PDF  
Bob May, Geoff Stapleton
RCG Note 95-01

Study of the Vertical Component of the Beam Polarization for the 2004 HAPPEX-2 Run
JLAB-TN-05-028 PDF  
Joseph M. Grames

August 2004 SAD RF Maintenance and Restoration Issues
JLAB-TN-05-029 Word   PDF  
Rick Nelson

The Design of Argon Filled Coaxial Beam Loss Ion Chambers at CEBAF
JLAB-TN-05-030 PDF  
D. Dotson, L. Kirkland, R. May, G. Stapleton

LLRF Tests in the FEL and CEBAF with the Cornell Digital LLRF System
JLAB-TN-05-031 Word   PDF  
K. Davis, C. Grenoble, A. Hofler, C. Hovater, T. Plawski , and T. Powers, Jefferson Lab; S. Belomestnykh, R. Kaplan, M. Liepe, Cornell University

A note on multi-pass beam breakup with a coupled optics
JLAB-TN-05-032 Abstract   Word   PDF  
Byung Yunn

Monitoring of the calibration constants of the DVCS calorimeter
JLAB-TN-05-033 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Malek Mazouz, Eric Voutier

4m Dipole Specification for the 12 GeV Upgrade
JLAB-TN-05-034 Word   PDF  
Robin Wines

A single cavity model of multi-pass beam breakup in recirculating linac
JLAB-TN-05-035 Abstract   Word   PDF  
Byung Yunn

Magnet Modifications of the Spreader and Recombiner Regions for the 12 GeV Upgrade
JLAB-TN-05-036 Abstract   Word   PDF  
Robin Wines

High Current Measurements of a QB and QC Quadrupole
JLAB-TN-05-037 Word   PDF  
T. Hiatt, K. Baggett, M. Beck, K. Sullivan and M. Wiseman
Please refer to JLAB-TN-07-055

Accelerated Life Test of a CEBAF BB Dipole with H-Steel
JLAB-TN-05-038 Word   PDF  
T. Hiatt, K. Baggett, M. Beck, K. Sullivan and M. Wiseman

Rationale for removal of CARMS on Hall A and C Domes from the PSS System and placement on a separate diagnostic communication loop
JLAB-TN-05-039 PDF  
E. Abkemeier, K. Welch, M. Washington

Microphonics Evaluation for the CEBAF Energy Upgrade
JLAB-TN-05-040 Word   PDF  
Kirk Davis, Tom Powers
Revised by author January 31, 2006. Figure 15 video: http://tnweb.jlab.org/tn/2005/RENS Warm VacVes 1 Movie 2.Avi Figure 16 video: http://tnweb.jlab.org/tn/2005/RENS Warm VacVes 1 Movie 3.Avi

Quadrupole Requirements and Changes for the CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade
JLAB-TN-05-041 Abstract   PDF  
M. Wiseman, J. Benesch, Y. Chao, L. Harwood

Timing Corrections of the DVCS Detector
JLAB-TN-05-042 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Malek Mazouz, Pierre-Yves Bertin, Eric Voutier

Measurement Formulae for a Superconducting RF Cavity without Beam Load
JLAB-TN-05-043 Abstract   Word   PDF  
Sun An, Haipeng Wang

RF Parameters for the 12 GeV Upgrade Cryomodule
JLAB-TN-05-044 Abstract   Word   PDF  
Jean Delayen

Study of Muon Energy Loss and Scatter Using g4beamline
N. Bates and K. Beard
Waiting for file from author.

Curvature-Induced Bunch Self-Interaction for an Energy-Chirped Bunch in Magnetic Bends
JLAB-TN-05-046 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Rui Li

Beam Induced HOM Power Spectrum in JLab 1MW ERL-FEL
JLAB-TN-05-047 Abstract   PDF  
Haipeng Wang

Radiological Sampling and Gamma Scans Aboard the N.S. Savannah Conducted for the U.S. Maritime Administration
JLAB-TN-05-048 Word   PDF  
Keith Welch, Erik Abkemeier, Zachary Edwards

Finite Element Analysis of FEL OC Mirror
JLAB-TN-05-049 Abstract   Word   PDF  
Katherine Wilson

Niobium thin film cavity deposition for a 500MHz copper cavity
JLAB-TN-05-050 Abstract   Word   PDF  
G. Wu, H. L. Phillips, H. Wang, A-M. Valente

Evaluation of Signal Transmission Performance of Hall A/C Target Raster System
JLAB-TN-05-051 Abstract   Word   PDF  
William Gunning

CEBAF 12 GeV Personnel Safety Systems Preliminary Design
JLAB-TN-05-052 Word   PDF  
Kelly Mahoney

Beam diagnostics and transport magnet requirements for the ARC10 and Hall-D beamlines
JLAB-TN-05-053 PDF  
J.F. Benesch, A. Bogacz, A. Freyberger, Y. Chao, M. Spata, M. Tiefenback

Computer simulation studies of two injection options for 12 GeV CEBAF upgrade
JLAB-TN-05-054 Abstract   PDF  
Y. Zhang, J. F. Benesch, Y. Chao, J.M. Grames, R. Kazimi, G. A. Krafft, M. Tiefenback, B. C. Yunn

Beam diagnostics and transport magnet requirements for the recirculated injector
JLAB-TN-05-055 PDF  
J.F. Benesch, A. Bogacz, A. Freyberger, Y. Chao, M. Spata, M. Tiefenback

Performance and Technical Requirement for the CEBAF Energy Upgrade Low Level RF System
JLAB-TN-05-056 PDF  
Curt Hovater, John Musson, Alicia Hofler, Hai Dong

Field Emission in CEBAF's Superconducting RF Cavities and Implications for Future Accelerators
JLAB-TN-05-057 Abstract   PDF  
Jay Benesch

Energy calibration and Reconstruction algorithms of the RCS electromagnetic calorimeter
JLAB-TN-05-058 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Vahe Mamyan for the RCS collaboration

Temperature mapping system for single cell cavities
JLAB-TN-05-059 PDF  
G. Ciovati, R. Flood, C. Grenoble, L. King, P. Kneisel, M. Morrone, M. Snyder

Estimates of Beam Breakup Thresholds in the 10kW FEL with the Renaissance Cryomodule
JLAB-TN-05-060 PDF  
K.B.Beard, C.Tennant, E.Pozdeyev

Transparent Reflections: How to Turn a SQUIB Off and On Without Influencing Betatron Matching
JLAB-TN-05-061 Abstract   Word   PDF  
David Douglas

Use of a Self-leveling Laser Indicator for Determination of Proper Hook Position with Respect to the Load of a Crane
JLAB-TN-05-062 Abstract   Word   PDF  
J. Segal

Some FEL UV Quadrupole Measurements
JLAB-TN-05-063 Word   PDF  
T. Hiatt, K. Baggett, S. Benson, G. Biallas, M. Beck, D. Douglas, S. Higgins, K. Sullivan and M. Tiefenback

LH2 Target Density in Hall A Experiment E01-020
JLAB-TN-05-064 Abstract   PDF   Postscript  
Paul Ulmer

Simulations of Cumulative Beam Breakup in the AES injector
JLAB-TN-05-065 Abstract   Word   PDF  
Eduard Pozdeyev

Feasibility Study of Suppression of Multipass BBU at the Jlab FEL by a Pulsed Phase Trombone
JLAB-TN-05-066 Abstract   PDF  
Eduard Pozdeyev

Refurbished Cryomodules (C50): Review of Cavity Pair Alignment Requirements and Specifications
JLAB-TN-05-067 Word   PDF  
Edward F. Daly and Danny Machie

Compact Wideband THz Source
JLAB-TN-05-068 Word   PDF  
Geoffrey Krafft

Assessment of Hall A Vertical Drift Chamber Analysis Software Performance Through Monte Carlo Simulation
JLAB-TN-05-069 PDF  
Amy Orsborn

Technical Basis Document for Inapplicability of Internal Dosimetry Monitoring Program at Jefferson Lab
JLAB-TN-05-070 Word   PDF  
E. Abkemeier, K. Welch

Mode-by-Mode Feedback to Alleviate Multipass Beam Breakup
JLAB-TN-05-071 Abstract   PDF  
Chris Tennant

ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Analysis of the Ampere-Class Cryomodule
JLAB-TN-05-072 Word   PDF  
Katherine Wilson

Technical Basis for Calibration Factors Applied to AMS-4 Air Samplers
JLAB-TN-05-073 Abstract   PDF  
K. B. Welch, S. O. Schwahn, R. T. May

alpha, beta, epsilon at CEBAF - What has been measured? How well do others do?
JLAB-TN-05-074 Word   PDF  
Jay Benesch

Optics of QDD Spectrometer
JLAB-TN-05-075 Word   PDF  
Chen Yan

Moller optics at 0.36 GeV/c for G0 back angle experiment
JLAB-TN-05-076 Word   PDF  
Chen Yan

Beam Transport Out of the FEL Injector
JLAB-TN-05-077 Word   PDF  
David Douglas

Combined Function Magnet for the FEL Injector
JLAB-TN-05-078 PDF  
T. Hiatt, K. Baggett, M. Beck, G. Biallas and K. Sullivan

A Modest Proposal for ERL Injection Merges: "Don't"
JLAB-TN-05-079 Abstract   Word   PDF  
David Douglas

A Skew Chicane Based Betatron Eigenmode Exchange Module
JLAB-TN-05-080 Word   PDF  
David Douglas

Upgrade of Hall C Moller polarimeter optics for operation in the range of 1 to 12 GeV/c
JLAB-TN-05-081 PDF  
Chen Yan

Jefferson Lab Experimental End-Station ODH Analysis
JLAB-TN-05-082 Word   PDF  
David Kashy

Photocathode Active Area Definition by Solvent-free Anodization
JLAB-TN-05-083 Word   PDF  
Marcy Stutzman

MetroLab PDI Measurement System Commissioning Detail
JLAB-TN-05-084 Word   PDF  
K. Baggett, M. Beck, T. Hiatt and K. Sullivan

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